How do I see whether an accommodation is available?

After entering the corresponding date filter, only those objects will be displayed that are really free. Without the date filter, all objects that can be booked for you will be displayed. You can then click on a specific object to display the occupancy calendar and see when it would be available.

What is a booking request?

Before you can make a binding booking with Palitree, you must send a booking request to the host. Only after the host has accepted this booking request or accepted it with changes, can you make a binding booking.

Why do I need to complete my profile before making a booking?

Based on your profile data you introduce yourself to other users of the Palitree platform. This is especially important if you are not personally known to these users. We want you to be able to get a good idea of each other, especially if you are about to make a decision about networking, booking objects or offering objects for booking. In addition, we are also forced for legal reasons to request certain data of our users.

How are the overall charges (costs) of my booking being calculated?

The total price includes the agreed booking price (either "per night" or "per night and per person") plus the service charges incurred by the guest (5%). The booking price is determined by the landlord (incl. discount) and is made up of the accommodation price and any additional cleaning and service costs, which are shown separately. If payment is made manually, only the service fees will be charged via the platform. The service fees always include the statutory value-added tax (where applicable).

What does "This booking exceeds the transaction limit" mean?

If the booking price of an individual booking exceeds €5,000, this booking process is subject to a special review by Palitree, which may delay the booking release. The user will be informed by email. Palitree reserves the right to refuse bookings over €5,000 without giving reasons.