How many objects can I offer?

Every registered user can offer any number of accommodations for rent. For each object certain mandatory fields (among other things exact address, at least 1 photo) are necessary. Before the accommodation is visible and bookable for other users, it must be activated. By default a new object is visible for direct and indirect contacts, but you can set this individually.

How do I determine, who is allowed to see and book my offering?

Only users with whom you are connected on the Palitree platform can book your ad (direct or indirect contacts). However, you can further restrict this for each advertisement individually in the detailed settings of the respective object under "Prices and bookability". For this you can remove or set the check mark for each of the contact categories family, friends, acquaintances. You can also deselect the bookability for indirect contacts here.
However, we generally recommend that you also allow bookability for indirect contacts, otherwise the circle of potential guests will be smaller and you will receive fewer booking requests.

To whom is my offer visible?

You can set the bookability for each ad individually, as described above. Only if a user is authorized to book your object, he can see the complete advertisement with all details. For all your other direct and indirect contacts who do not have a booking authorisation, the visibility is limited to the first picture, the title and the location of the accommodation. Further details are not displayed. Users who are not directly or indirectly connected to you will not be able to see your ad on the Palitree platform at all.

Why can I add a "Co-Owner" to my accomodation?

This function is useful if your object belongs to several persons with equal rights (i.e. there are several "co-owners", for example an inherited holiday home). If you select existing contacts from your network as "Co-Owners" for your property, they can offer your property within their own Palitree network as if they were the host themselves. Instead of booking it from you, they can then occupy the object on an equal footing with you via the internal calendar. And you can use our smart calendar tool together (found as a calendar icon under "My Objects"): Overlapping occupancy requests are immediately apparent. You can solve them quickly and efficiently via the integrated "host chat" and convert them into binding bookings. As a host, you can cancel the assignment of your contacts as "Other hosts" at any time. The use of the Palitree booking calendar is completely free of charge for co-owners.

Can the other "Co-Owners" also modify details of my listing?

Your "Co-Owner" do not have the right to change the listing or the object-related settings. Such changes remain reserved to you as the main host. You can only make calendar entries yourself, i.e. reserve/enquire for yourself or make a firm booking. They also become part of the co-owner chat.

How quickly do I need to respond to a booking request?

Of course this is up to you, but we recommend to answer them as quickly as possible, ideally within less than 2 days. Even if you cannot yet confirm a booking yet, your potential guest will be happy to receive at least a message from you.

How do I manage discounts or special offers?

On the one hand, you can set standard discounts for the categories "Family" and "Friends" in the detail settings under "Prices & Bookability". They will then see the reduced price from the beginning, i.e. already during the search. On the other hand, you can set an individual discount when confirming a booking request.