What are "Palis" (bonus points) and how can I get them?

"Palis" are bonus points, similar to Payback points or Lufthansa miles, which you can receive free of charge from the platform as a "reward" (depending on your activities on the platform). Palis cannot be "bought" (or exchanged with others), but will be credited to your account (e.g. by entering a voucher code, inviting new friends or your invited friends to rent a room. More about this in our AGB). You can see your "account balance" on the home page (dashboard) as well as in your user profile.

What can I use my Palis for and how much are they "worth"?

Palis do not represent Euros (or Dollars), but can be used as discount vouchers under certain conditions when you make a booking on Palitree. Example: You make a booking for 250 EUR in a friend's apartment and have 180 Palis. Then you could pay up to 50% of the booking price with Palis, i.e. you would only pay 125 EUR and give 125 Palis. We, i.e. Palitree, would then refund the difference to the landlord, i.e. the landlord receives his 250 EUR (less 3% transaction fee). A Pali can be worth one Euro. ATTENTION: Palis are not Euros! Not every received Pali can be used immediately and there is no legal claim that your Pali can be used as a discount voucher! So that Palis can be used as discount vouchers, they must be "re-leased" by us, otherwise they are NOT usable! Palis can never be exchanged directly into Euro, i.e. paid out in cash (This answer is for your information only; our terms and conditions apply).

Why do "Palis" first have to be "released" and how does this happen?

We are a young platform and we want to reward users who contribute to the growth and use of the plat-form. In order to be able to use the Palis meaningfully, first of all sufficient Palis must be "accumulated". Therefore we have decided that Palis can be used as discount vouchers (1 Pali = 1 Euro) from 15.12.2019 at the earliest (if necessary also later). In addition, we also want to prevent fraud or abuse; i.e. we have to make sure that e.g. no fake accounts are created or that an accommodation, which your friend has put online (and for which you would get Palis), really exists or is not removed from the platform after a week. You will receive the "release" of Palis to be used as discount vouchers from time to time by us via email or in your user profile. Such a release can also apply only to a fraction of the Palis received until then; and it will be made according to the respective program conditions. Only then you can use this Palis! Therefore we repeat again that Palis are not Euro credits!

How many Palis can be earned for which activity?

Currently (August 2019 to December 2019) you can earn Palis for the following activities: If you (as a regis-tered user) invite a person who is not yet registered as a friend via an "Invite Link" (on the "My Network"-page), and this person registers, you will receive 5 Palis as an Inviter. If a person invited by you puts an accommodation online, you will receive another 15 Palis; and the invitee, who put online is apartment, will also receive 15 Palis (In order to prevent fake accounts or fake objects, the friend and the object must remain registered (active) for at least four months, otherwise these Palis will be deducted from your ac-counts again! We also reserve the right to carry out an "authenticity check".)
For example, if you bring twelve of your friends to the platform and four of them set up an overnight ac-commodation, you will receive 120 palis in total, which can then be used to buy up to 120 EUR discount vouchers.

How does a voucher code work?

Selected user groups can also receive a voucher code (e.g. XYZ123). These vouchers codes have different values between 10 and 75 Palis; if you enter this code, you will receive the corresponding credit to your Pali account. One code per user can of course only be entered once. Passing on voucher codes to third parties is not allowed!

Is there a Limit on Palis? Can the Palis expire?

According to the current program conditions, the maximum number of Palis, one user can accu-mulate, is 300. Additionally, all Palis credited before 31.03.2020 must be used by 31.12.2020 at the latest, otherwise they expire. However, we will adjust this expiration period if necessary and in-form you in any case in time.