What are my options as a host?

We assume that every host is also a potential guest on Palitree - that's why you as a host can get Palis by accepting a part of your rent in Palis. The default value is 25%. So if you get a booking over 400 EUR, you would be paid 300 EUR (less 3%) and get an additional 100 Palis. You can increase this value to 50% or set it to zero in "Object settings / Prices and bookability". However, we recommend that you leave it at a minimum of 25%, as this increases the chances that your accommodation will be booked.

What are "Palis" (bonus points) and how can I get them?

"Palis" are bonus points, similar to Payback Points or Lufthansa Miles, which you can receive from the platform free of charge as a "reward", e.g. by inviting new friends or if an accommodation is posted on Palitree by someone, which you have invited on Palitree. Palis cannot be "bought" (and cannot be ex-changed with others), but will be automatically credited to you. You can see your "account balance" both on the home page (My Palitree) and in your user profile.

What can I use my Palis for and how much are they "worth"?

Palis do not represent a Euro-credit, but can be used as discount vouchers when you make a booking on Palitree. Example: You make a booking for 250 EUR in the holiday flat of a friend and you have 180 Palis. Then you could pay up to 50% of the booking price with Palis; i.e. you would pay only 125 EUR and give away 125 Palis. So a Pali can be worth one Euro. This is valid for all bookings from 1 June 2020.
We recommend all hosts to accept between 25% and 50% of the rental price in Palis. However, it is up to each host to decide whether to make use of this rule. This means that you cannot insist on paying with Palis. Nor is there any obligation by Palitree GmbH to convert these Palis into Euros.

Nevertheless: Collecting Palis is worthwhile in any case - because you get them for free by enlarging your network! The bigger your network is, the more objects you can use Palis for. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? And until May 31st, you get even the double amount of Palis!

How many Palis can be earned for which activity?

Currently you can receive Palis for the following activities: If you (as a registered user) invite a person who is not yet registered, as a new user via an "Invite Link" (see "My Network") and this person regis-ters at Palitree, both you as the inviting person and the invitee will receive 5 Palis each. If an invitee list an object online, both you and the invitee will receive another 15 Palis. For example, if you bring twelve of your friends to the platform and four of them post a place to stay, you will receive 120 Palis, which can be used to buy up to 120 EUR discount vouchers. From time to time we also give away or raffle off vouchers (e.g. over 50 Palis), with which you can also receive additional Palis.

How does a voucher code work?

From time to time we also give away or raffle off vouchers (e.g. XYZ123). These vouchers codes have different values between 10 and 75 Palis; if you enter this code, you will receive the corresponding credit to your Pali account. One code per user can of course only be entered once. Passing on voucher codes to third parties is not allowed!

Is there a Limit on Palis? Can the Palis expire?

According to the current program conditions, the maximum number of Palis, one user can accumulate, is 500. Additionally, all Palis credited before Dec 31st 2020 must be used by Dec. 31st 2021 at the latest, otherwise they expire. However, we will adjust this expiration period if necessary and inform you in any case in time.