Here’s how it works

According to our sharing concept, which is based on trust, you have to register first to offer your accommodation and use the accommodation of your network. The objects are not publicly visible (bookable). And then you have to invite people, expand your network, and connect with friends of friends. The more contacts you make, the more accommodations you can offer.

Using Palitree is completely free of charge; only when a booking is successfully completed, a small fee applies for both parties.

All details and further questions can be found in our FAQs.

Kostenlos via Facebook, Google oder Email registrieren

1. Register for free via Facebook, Google or email.

 Freunde und Bekannte einladen

2. Invite friends and acquaintances and expand your network.

Netzwerk erweitern und mehr Unterkünfte finden

3. The bigger your network, the more charming accommodations are available to you.

Eigene Unterkunft online stellen

4. With just a few clicks you can put your own accommodation online and share it with your network.

Become now a member of our sharing network