Action since 6.10.: first semester solidarity campaign for temporary housing

Now at the beginning of the semester the housing shortage is at its greatest. We help first-semester students to have a roof over their heads while looking for accommodation. Therefore we have initiated a solidarity campaign via the Palitree platform, which brings together "living" students and freshmen.

1) We want to shake up as many students as possible to help with temporary housing within their possibilities.
2) And we want to draw the attention of freshmen to this offer.

Since the Palitree platform can be used almost perfectly to connect students as providers and demanders of temporary accommodation, we have decided to make our platform available completely free of charge for this purpose.
If you like our idea, please help to make the solidarity campaign known or offer a couch or a room for a transitional period.

In order to connect with the Studi-Network of your city you only have to connect with "Studi-Netzwerk [Name of your city]" on the Palitree platform (e.g. Studi-Netzwerk München). We currently offer the program in 8 German cities.

Our basic idea

... is simple and based on the principle of "trust": The classic sharing platforms do not appeal to many people because they do not want to let strangers into their homes or stay overnight with strangers themselves. In particular vacation homes often have a private character, and are therefore not suitable for a letting to strangers.
Therefore Palitree is a kind of "AirBnB for your social network". As an apartment owner, you decide who should be able to book your accommodation. Only friends, or also friends of friends?
In turn, you only see accommodation offers from friends or their friends, because you can trust them. You will discover new accommodations that have not been offered online before at all. And you can expect a price that is generally about 20% - 40% below market price. Isn't that cool? If it's important to you that your accommodation is well treated, or if it's important to you as a woman that you don't stay with some dangerous guy - then Palitree is exactly right for you!

How it works

Following our basic idea, you can only actively use Palitree if you register and network with other people. Only then can you see other people's accommodation; and only then can your accommodation, if you have created one, be seen by others. The order of the individual steps is basically insignificant, but basically you can proceed as follows (graphic follows):

Register & Login

You can either register with us using your email and password, or you can use the registration/login function via Facebook or Google. The registration process only requires your last name, first name, email and password. In order to be able to make bookings or offer objects yourself, however, other mandatory fields are required, so we recommend that you complete them immediately after registration.

Create & extend network

In the "My Network" section you can manage your network, invite new contacts, accept invitations, etc. You build up your direct contacts - like with any other social network - by sending or accepting invitation links. Because the term "friends" is very vague, we distinguish between "family", "friends" and "acquaintances". This classification is important because you control both the bookability of your object and the price (discount).
Of course you can also send a link to someone who is not yet registered on Palitree. You can also import contacts from the Google Address Book or check who of your Facebook friends is already on Palitree.

Create object & manage booking requests

If you want to create an object for rent - be it a vacant flat-sharing room, a holiday flat, a granny flat or a caravan - first fill in the corresponding master data (incl. bank details). In addition, you determine who may book your property at all: Either only your direct contacts or also your indirect contacts. As soon as you have received the first booking requests, you can manage all requests and bookings via your object dashboard and always have an overview, because the calendar updates itself automatically. All listings on Palitree are free of charge. If there are several owners ("co-owners") for a flat, we also offer a comfortable internal calendar and co-owner chat.

Search & Book

But even if you don't have a room to rent and just want to enjoy cheap accommodation or holiday apartments , Palitree is just right for you. In the "Search" section you can see all the accommodations you can book (i.e. from your friends and the friends of your friends). The booking process itself is done in just a few clicks:
(1)Request booking
(2)Request will be accepted by the host (i.e. you will receive an offer).
(3)You confirm finally (= binding booking) and pay afterwards.
Payment can be made via the platform or "offline". Palitree requires a small transaction fee of approx. 5% of the rental price to operate the platform. This is less than what other commercial plattforms would charge!