The potential of the Sharing Economy ...

... is, in our opinion, much bigger than what the known platforms currently offer. Because most of us prefer to share our property within our own social network rather than with complete strangers - especially when it comes to private accommodations.

Palitree therefore combines the idea of sharing with the trust we have in our friends, acquaintances and the friends of our friends. This unlocks unimagined opportunities, both as a guest and as a host. Our vision is a large network based on personal trust, rather than on the ratings of strangers. Because trust is the most important currency in the digital economy, hence our motto "Trust & Share".

With this vision in mind, we founded Palitree GmbH in Gräfelfing near Munich in July 2018. In April 2019, our platform went live (beta version).

About us

Currently we, Dr. Stefan Parhofer and Christian Lind as founders of the company are still in twos - but that will change soon, because we pour our Palitree daily with a lot of heart blood and some own money. We also have the professional support of freelancers who accompany us on our way, especially:

Franz Kufer (Development)
Sebastian Richter (Development)
Kristin Propfe (Design)
Thomas Wilde (Beratung)
Max Nitze (Marketing)