Which forms of payments are available?

Palitree offers its users a secure payment system for the processing of your bookings via the payment provider Stripe. There are currently two payment methods: credit card and SEPA direct debit. Currently only Mastercard and Visa are supported as credit cards.

What is he role of the payment provider "Stripe Inc."?

Payment processing at Palitree is subject to strict European standards and regulations. In order to offer you the highest level of security as a guest and host, Palitree organizes the payment processing for your bookings via the specialized payment provider Stripe. The advantage: All payments are processed via Stripe accounts. Palitree never receives or holds money from its customers.

How are the payment procedures at Palitree?

As a guest you will only be charged the total price of the booking 21 days before the start of the journey at the earliest, even if you have booked well in advance. Your payments will then be parked with our payment provider Stripe until you have started your journey. Only one day after the start of the trip will Stripe pay the host. This payment process takes place completely outside of Palitree. Although Palitree retains the service fees from the transactions, it never receives or holds money from its customers.

What has to be considered when "offline payment" is agreed?

Palitree recommends that you use the Palitree platform for payment processing. In the case of manual processing, you must agree the details of the payment with your host or guest. Please make sure that the coordination of the payment processing takes place exclusively via the message function of the platform. We warn against transferring money to people you don't know.

Can my host ask for an additional payment on top of the agreed price?

The price at which the guest books the object is binding. In principle, hosts must state all relevant costs, taxes and fees of the accommodation in their advertisement or include them in the booking price. However, in individual cases it may happen that your host asks you to pay a local tax (e.g. visitor's tax) or similar.

As a host, when do I receive my money from the guest?

hen your property is booked through Palitree, the booking price will be paid to you after deduction of the Palitree service fees. This payment will only be made one day after your guest's departure. Usually you will receive your money immediately. However, in some cases our payment provider may need a little more time, especially if there are less than 14 days between the booking and the start of the trip. Due to the delayed payment, guest and host have time after the start of the trip to ensure that everything is as expected.

I received an email, that the release of my money is blocked. What should I do?

It may happen that our payment provider needs further information from you in order to arrange the payment to you. Then we will inform you by e-mail which data we need exactly. If you have not yet sent us any photos of your ID or passport, the request will usually refer to this. However, other information may be missing or inconsistent or our payment service provider may not be able to identify you. Please make sure that we receive the missing information as soon as possible so that we can arrange payment as soon as possible.

As a guest, when do I need to pay?

As a guest you commit yourself to pay your booking at the moment of the binding booking. However, we will only charge your credit card 21 days before the start of the trip with the total price of the booking, even if you have booked well in advance. If there are less than 21 days between your booking and the scheduled start of the trip, your credit card will be charged immediately.