Am I obliged to offer an accomodation myself?

No. Of course you can register, in order to become "only" a future guest of the accomodations, being offered by your network. Your friends and the friends of your friends will be happy to have you as a trustworthy guest, bceause our slogan is "trust & share". And you may put your on offer online at any moment in time in the future.

How can I register on Palitree?

The registration can be done by manually entering the required data (only email, first name, last name, password) or alternatively via the authorization services of Google or Facebook. The account is activated via a confirmation e-mail. In order to make a booking or offer an object, certain additional mandatory information must be provided after registration in order to comply with legal regulations.

Can I use Palitree with registering as a user?

No. Since we are "crossover" between a social network and a transaction platform, only registered members can see and book accomodations, list an object or connect with other members.

Do I need to register with my full (legal) name?

Yes! Security & trust is our top priority. If you register on Palitree, you have to do so with your real identity. Every user undertakes to ensure that all data used in creating the profile and advertisement is accurate and complete.

How do I register via Google or Facebook?

After registering via Google or Facebook, you will be able to log in easily in the future. You can also activate your Google or Facebook login later after you've decided to register manually. And you can view or remove the link at any time in the settings of your Google or Facebook account.

Why do I get an error message when trying to register via Facebook?

If you have chosen to register via Facebook, Palitree needs your email address to be approved. You must not deselect this release during the registration process. In this case, registration via Facebook will only work again after you remove the link to Palitree from your profile settings on Facebook. You can find this function on facebook under the following path: Settings->Apps and Websites->Logged in with Facebook.

How do I delete my account on Palitree?

Go to "My Profile / Settings" and press the "Delete Profile" button [Note to beta users: not yet active]. Or: Write us an e-mail to contact@palitree.com with the order to delete your account. After receiving your confirmation we will delete your Palitree user account.